Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ABC Wednesday - R is for Resplendent

I am away this week at a conference, and I didn't think I'd get a chance to post an entry for this week, but I couldn't resist... There is a peacock strolling around the grounds of the conference center where I am staying and he is delighting most (and irritating some) of us with his shrieks and calls - throughout the night! These are the best pictures I could get at this time. (I didn't know they roosted in trees!)

I caught him through my window this morning...

I haven't seen him show off his tailfeathers yet, but I'll keep my camera ready - just in case.

UPDATE: I got him! He came back to the courtyard and fussed and ruffled and finally gave us all a peek at his full regalia! (Oh, I could have used that word today!)

He twirled and twirled for us...and then closed up his feathers and walked away.

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  1. What a beautiful bird...I didn't know they roosted in trees either...hope you get a shot with his tail feathers up...

  2. I didn't know they roosted in trees, either! An interesting choice for 'R'!

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week. :)

  3. Rare shots! When my children were very young we camped near a place that had a brood? of peacocks. Drove my kiddies crazy because their cry sounds a lot like 'HELP' and the kids were sure we were remiss by not helping them...most nights were sleepless. Great post!

  4. What a beautiful bird!

    I did know they roosted in trees...I'm almost embarassed to say how I knew that.... OK, I'll tell - I know from watching "The Waltons". They have a pet peacock named Rover. LOL