Thursday, October 22, 2009

Recession Nation

I have an essay included in this collection.
It's called "Where There's Hope"
Have a look!
The Recession Nation Project

Memory Issues

No, not my computer - although I do have some major issues with the speed and ram of my "new" computer...
No, I'm talking about me and my aging brain. Like the ABC Wednesday thing I was so obediently posting to - until last May it seems. I guess I let that go by the wayside.
So, now I am going to use this blog for the reason I intended it for in the first place- to promote my work. Flip-flops After Fifty is the title to the collection of essays I am hoping to be publishing soon. To be honest - work on it has stalled since last June, but I'm up the the challenge of getting it ready to go. If you'd like to read an essay or two, head right over here dear reader and have a blast. And tell me what you think. Feedback is (almost) always good!