Friday, February 27, 2009

F is for Freedom

I just can't get "ABC Wednesday" out of my head! Today I have the freedom to head over to my sister's house and do some work there. This is because I quit my job in August. No - not "retired" - quit. I thought I'd have oh-so much time on my hands but I've been busier than a mother of 14 - without the family and welfare. Susie and I decided we needed to stay in better touch with each other since we only live 25 miles away and this is one of those days. It's not snowing, we are both working on books, and well - it's fun! (Oh, look another F!'s supposed to be in the fifties today!! Somebody stop me before I flip!!)
OK, I'll stop now....
Have a good weekend! (You know...'cause it's Friday...)

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