Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ABC Wednesday - J is for John, Justine, Justin, (Annie, Christopher & Victoria)

And the family/home references continue!

This is a picture of all my kids - my daughter, my son, my stepdaughter, my nephews and my niece. Since half of them are "J"s I thought it was a fitting entry for this week. This picture was taken at a family birthday party last November. It was one of the few times we had them all together because they are as far away as Florida and Arizona. They are in college - just starting or all the way to grad school or they are working - trying to make their way. We are as proud as punch of all of them and that day, realized how grateful we all are to have such beautiful, talented children. (Why do I still call them children? One, because they always will be our children and Two because it still takes over ten shots to get one good picture!)

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  1. Handsome children and yes, they are children no matter what age! Good J and A C & V. :)

  2. Nice shot of some happy looking young adults!

  3. Fun shots of your half-"J" family. My kids are spread out from CT to WA state, so getting together is a big deal here, too.

  4. Nice pic of the kids, love the red wall too. Yes, I'm getting your comments but I don't go on the blog too often anymore, shame on me.