Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mid-winter getaway

This is what we saw when we checked in to Room 211 at the Water's Edge Resort and Spa this past weekend.  My husband booked the night away for my birthday on Thursday - February 11th - so how appropriate was that room? 
And this is what we did immediately after checking in to that oh-so fitting accomodation...

Yes, of course that's a bottle of champagne. Just the one, because we also had reservations in the dining room for a three-course dinner later in the evening. The Water's Edge is famous for its Sunday Brunch, but we were happy to have dinner instead. Even though we felt really badly for our neighbors and relatives to the south getting pounded by a winter snowstorm, we were able to put it aside for the evening and enjoy a quick but much needed break. I recommend it - birthday or not!

Oh, here are a couple more pictures...I can't resist sharing. It was too cold to go play outside, but we did sit on the balcony (I'm posting pictures of that soon!) and we did take pictures of the gorgeous day - calm wind, sunny skies, blue ocean. Nice, isn't it? I was one happy birthday girl! (Thanks, Ange!)

One more look off of the balcony before going down to dinner

Red sky at night, birthday girl's delight! 

And then a perfect morning! 

Almost makes you want to go dive right in!...but we didn't.

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